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See us off for the Wedding on D*C Friday at 2:45 at the Sheraton! - Dragon*Con British Science Fiction and Media [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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See us off for the Wedding on D*C Friday at 2:45 at the Sheraton! [Aug. 21st, 2012|10:48 pm]
Dragon*Con British Science Fiction and Media


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Since DragonCon elected to not let us have our Gallifreyan Wedding at the con itself, we'll be having the wedding at the Earl Smith Strand Theater in Marietta. And given the limitations of the food, we couldn't invite the entire con to come with us. However!

On DragonCon Friday, right around 2:30 PM, we're going to be right around the lobby and main entrance area of the Sheraton where we'll be picked up by a Trolley Bus at 3 PM. The wedding attendants and ourselves will be in Gallifreyan Robes. The attendants will be in various colored robes with the big collars, while the bride and groom will be in Red and Gold wedding ceremony robes with the big collars. The father of the bride will be in Master Black, while the mother of the groom will be in White Guardian White. (Hell with you, Davies. It's the White Guardian. Not his mom!) If you'd like to come and take pictures before we go, you're entirely welcome.

We'll also be walking alongside the lot of you in the parade with two other lords holding a JUST MARRIED banner in Simple Gallifreyan, Also in Red and gold.

We'll take part in the Prydonian shoot afterward, but you'll see us in and about the con. Say hi to us an stuff! I may even have a surprise for all of you at Buffy Horror again if I can manage it. Though we won't be there. We'll be getting married on Friday evening when that's happening. We'll also be entering our stuff in the Masquerade on Sunday night as well! Maybe we'll even attend the Time Traveller's Ball if we don't have a conflict.

We'll be taping the whole thing. Getting many pics. There will be websites where you can find the whole thing later. We're submitting the whole thing to sites like io9, The Chive, Offbeat Bride, DenOfGeek. Putting videos on YouTube. All that good stuff.

We'll see you soon! And happy DragonCon!

[User Picture]From: materpenitentia
2012-08-22 04:26 am (UTC)
I'm having my wedding Game of Thrones and Pern style in the Pern track room. Sunday night 10pm
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From: ext_1772467
2013-04-24 10:05 pm (UTC)

Gallifreyan wedding - how awesome!

Congrats and have a wonderful wedding and everyday thereafter. The Strand is a fabulous place, looked at it myself for future plans... and saw White Christmas there with the family over the holidays!
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