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Apparently, according to the nerdist, Moffat and Company will not be able to come to SDCC this year cos their schedule won't allow it until after early august.  THEY COULD COME TO DRAGONCON INSTEAD IF SOME SAVVY PERSON COULD GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM AT THE BEEB AND SAY, "That's okay, we actually have a huge SCIENCE FICTION convention that tops out between 75k and 80k people every year that happens at the END of August and the beginning of September.  And ya know, we treat our Doctors right.  Just ask Peter or Sylvester how well we treat them?  (DO NOT ASK ABOUT SYLVESTER'S FOOT.)"

Brit-Track folks?  I have to think this is a golden opportunity to get us some NuWho representation for DragonCon.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to make this happen!


Nerdist Article:  BREAKING: No DOCTOR WHO Panel at SDCC This Year
Yules: Waltz/Snowflakes by cfrancesca

TimeGate 2014, the DW (and more) convention, Atlanta, GA, USA, May 23rd-25th

TimeGate 2014, the Doctor Who (& more) annual convention, is taking place in Atlanta, GA, USA, over the Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd-25th. Please check out the site for a list of guests, events, hotel and travel info, memberships, and more, here:

If you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by the throngs of people at the big cons like SDCC and Dragoncon, please consider attending TimeGate. :) However, just because the con is smallish, doesn't mean that there isn't plenty to do! We have seven tracks of programming! Also: major events, with the con's guests, in the Main Ballroom, several rooms for gaming, a wonderful consuite, photo opps and autographs with the guests, an even larger dealers' room this year, fan tables, performances (musical and theatrical), a charity cabaret, a masquerade, and more.

One of the tracks, or portals as we call them at TimeGate, is the Wardrobe Portal, which is mostly about costuming/cosplaying in the Who'verse. The DW track is the Gallifrey Portal, which has the major guest events in the Main Ballroom, in addition to the fan panels in the track room.

Memberships are only $45 through May 1st; afterwards, they are $60 at the door. Check the website for member registration:

See everyone at TimeGate 2014!


What would y'all like to see from our social media?  Recently we have been expanding into new social sites, such as Google+ and Tumblr (coming soon), and trying to reinvigorate our Twitter account, and I wondered:  how do you prefer to get news and updates and interact with the group?  Do we need a Twitter?  What about LiveJournal and MySpace? What social sites would you like to see a Brittrack presence on?  Let us know!
I know we have posted this in several areas, but I wanted to reach the maximum number of people.  Thanks for your patience!

See us off for the Wedding on D*C Friday at 2:45 at the Sheraton!

Since DragonCon elected to not let us have our Gallifreyan Wedding at the con itself, we'll be having the wedding at the Earl Smith Strand Theater in Marietta. And given the limitations of the food, we couldn't invite the entire con to come with us. However!

On DragonCon Friday, right around 2:30 PM, we're going to be right around the lobby and main entrance area of the Sheraton where we'll be picked up by a Trolley Bus at 3 PM. The wedding attendants and ourselves will be in Gallifreyan Robes. The attendants will be in various colored robes with the big collars, while the bride and groom will be in Red and Gold wedding ceremony robes with the big collars. The father of the bride will be in Master Black, while the mother of the groom will be in White Guardian White. (Hell with you, Davies. It's the White Guardian. Not his mom!) If you'd like to come and take pictures before we go, you're entirely welcome.

We'll also be walking alongside the lot of you in the parade with two other lords holding a JUST MARRIED banner in Simple Gallifreyan, Also in Red and gold.

We'll take part in the Prydonian shoot afterward, but you'll see us in and about the con. Say hi to us an stuff! I may even have a surprise for all of you at Buffy Horror again if I can manage it. Though we won't be there. We'll be getting married on Friday evening when that's happening. We'll also be entering our stuff in the Masquerade on Sunday night as well! Maybe we'll even attend the Time Traveller's Ball if we don't have a conflict.

We'll be taping the whole thing. Getting many pics. There will be websites where you can find the whole thing later. We're submitting the whole thing to sites like io9, The Chive, Offbeat Bride, DenOfGeek. Putting videos on YouTube. All that good stuff.

We'll see you soon! And happy DragonCon!


Now that the con is about a month away, we're in the crunch! Well, those of us who are making or putting together costumes are anyway. So, who is cosplaying for the Brit track this year? What characters/groups?

Brit-track related costumes I should be doing during the con are: Fantasy Man and Daddy Push from Luxury Comedy, and Tim Minchin for a celeb-cosplay group. Otherwise I'm planning for some hobbit related costume (still up in the air).

BritTrack Panelist Application

Dear All!

Hope all is well with you! We have our panelist application up, and under our
"files" on Facebook. If you cannot access the application here is what you need
to email myself and RITH.

Rob in the Hat:

Applications are due by July 10th, so get them in quickly.

Very Best,

Dragon Con BritTrack Panelist Application 2012

Contact Number during the Convention:
Badge Name:
Badge: (Got? Need to get? Unknown) please explain your situation if you do not
already have one.

Background information: (Limit to 5 sentences)

Panels interested in being on:
(no more than 5 please)

How can I make the above panels a postive experience? (answer for each)

How I can make these panels (the above that you listed) interesting
andcompelling? (be specific)

What is the origin of your experience with any British media?.

Willing to assist with late night programming?
Yes:_______ (Late Friday and Sunday Night): I'm not 100% sure of my schedule
yetthough.No:___________Yes, but only between the hours of: ________

Hours Available for emergency panelist fill in:

Back up Panels I can do: *no conflicting times please; list each panel once

If selected to be a panelist I, __ ____________, agree to show up on time for
each of my panels. I will show up on Friday morning for the panelist meeting,
(unless otherwiseobligated, to which I will explain to Caro
{}) to check in. I will be respectful to other
panelists. I will listen to all Brittrackstaff. And If I do not show up to my
panels on time (at least 5 to 10 minutes before thepanel) I know I will either
be replaced or removed from the panel. I acknowledge that the Brittrack under
any circumstances may remove me as a panelist.

Sign: __________ Date: ________________

Once completed please email your application to Caro at and Rob in the Hat at

Note: this is NOT your Dragon Con Badge. Being a Panlist does not mean you are a
formal Guest of the Convention. We do not provide you with a badge.