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Dragon*Con British Science Fiction and Media
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The British Sci-Fi Media Track is a track hosted at Dragon Con. The staff's goal for the track is to provide a fun and hopefully safe enviorment for British fans to hide out in at the Convention.

Britain has inspired every aspect of American modern culture. It has opened the gates to media innovation since it's BBC worldwide radio shows during WWII. In becoming the first country with a national television network, genres and fans were birthed! Dragon*Con's Brittrack programming continues with this exploration of every facet, fad, and pop culture idiom of everything British for con-goers.

The British Sci-Fi Media Track programming is broad and diverse, spreading across every medium (film, TV, comics, music, and literature) the Brit's have to offer. Come, stop by, and get sucked into the world of Brittrack! Meet a huge fandom whose passions include: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Blake's 7, Red Dwarf, Monty Python, Who's Line is it Anyway, Hitchhiker's Guide, the Prisoner, James Bond, Hex, Robin Hood, Life On Mars, and other cultural legacies of the United Kingdom. There is so much and not enough time to cover it all! All are welcome, our staff is here to make sure you're having fun, laughing, hard, and safe from all daleks.

You can contact us at

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